ERTC Conversation Bonuses:

ERTC Conversation Bonuses:

If you own Givebot and are a Brian Anderson ERTC client, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • 2-Part Training Series From Bill on how he’s generated $297,000+ in deals.
  • 4 Conversations for use in your ERTC business.
  • Ability to “buy” deals from Bill at his cost.

Part 1 of the training was delivered live last Wednesday. The next session is this Thursday at 2pm Pacific / 5pm Eastern.

On Thursday’s live training, we will launch the “buy a deal” program where you can purchase deals that Bill’s team is generating. This is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis and we expect it to sell out. So be sure to tune in live if you can.

We are releasing at least one conversation per day. They will all 4 be delivered before we start Thursday’s live training. See below for your share keys to claim your conversations.

If you purchased Brian’s program through Bill’s link and are part of “Team Bill” – Then you get some additional bonuses that will be delivered separately.

Video Training Part 1:

Explanation Of Bonuses:

How To Setup Givebot & Use Import Keys:

Your Import Keys:

Conversation 4: bGm1qbSG
Conversation 3: NWHd4wzE
Conversation 2: UYQQBW3c
Conversation 1: JmgqvK3U
Bonus Web Chat Conversation: DRi0Qc3m

Video Training 2

Bonus Scripts:

Intake Questionnaire

ERTC Outbound Script

Bonus Training Sessions